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is an acknowledged industry leader for more than 10 years specialising in First Aid, Disability, Aged Care and HACC courses that has earned a reputation for being both innovative and flexible.

Face to face, high impact interaction between our clients and our trainers is proven and effective.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Training Unlimited is accredited by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) which regulates Victorian registered training organisations.
(RTO reg.# 20891)

This accreditation enables Training Unlimited to deliver nationally recognised- Aged, Disability, HACC and First Aid training courses.

The Victorian State Government's stated principles and obligations for Victorian training providers
Training providers are expected to:
* Demonstrate a commitment to serving the public interest
* Be responsive to the needs of Government and the community
* Demonstrate accountability and transparency
* Demonstrate integrity and Fairness

In accordance with the stringent audit requirements of the Victorian Government, Training Unlimited maintains policies, procedures and management practices which ensure the highest professional standards in the marketing, design and delivery of our Aged, Disability, HACC, and First Aid training courses.  

Whether you need an accredited traineeship program for your entire staff, a customised course for a specific outcome or wish to participate in a training course as an individual student, the staff at Training Unlimited can design and deliver training which is for you.

Our strong commitment to providing quality service, training and support will ensure that your learning potential and skills development is truly Unlimited.

Our Training Philosophy Statement

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Training Unlimited is an RTO based in Melbourne's metropolitan area specialising
in First Aid, Aged Care, Disability and HACC including traineeships and fee for service

To request a copy of the most recent Training Unlimited AQTF audit report, please contact
Melissa Migliaccio CEO on 9264 8666

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