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General Evacuation Training course online is $49. Average completion time is 80 minutes. 
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general evacuation training online

Course Content

This emergency evacuation course is designed to assist in planning for emergencies in facilities. The desired training outcome is to increase the safety of building occupants in an emergency situation.

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • Emergency planning used in prevention and preparation
  • Roles in an emergecny
  • Emergency protection systems and emergency warning systems
  • How to respond to an emergency
  • Actions to take in an emergency

Endorsed by the NSCA Foundation

The NSCA Foundation endorses this course as meeting its standards for educational quality and usability with the content having been developed by an appropriately credentialed subject matter expert.

Key Facts

  • 100% Online Course - Complete your course quickly and easily online, no need to visit a classroom.
  • Same Day Certificate - Upon completion your certificate will be sent to you.
  • Learn at your own pace - We keep a record of how far you've progressed with your course, so you can complete it whenever you prefer.

Course Features

  • Adaptics - Kineo's unique approach to refresher training
  • professional audio
  • animation and interactivity
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility
  • mobile compatibility
  • formative assessments


Once successfully completed, learners will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for the online General Evacuation Training course. Certificates are issued by Training Unlimited Pty Ltd (RTO ID 20891).

PLEASE BE AWARE Students are NOT completing a nationally recognised unit of competency. Students will NOT receive a Statement of Attainment after completing this course.

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The cost for this General Evacuation Training course is $49.

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