Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation

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Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation course online is $49. Average completion time is 35 minutes. 
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Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation Online Course

Course Content

This course has been developed to give learners a better understanding of the importance that activities and being occupied have in promoting quality of life for people with dementia. It will assist learners in developing practical ideas on how to keep people with varying levels of dementia active and occupied.

Working with people who dementia is ot easy. It can be upsetting, trying and challenging, but it can also be very rewarding.

This series of 5 online courses each provide training and knowledge in different aspects of dementia. The aim is to procide and understanding of Dementia with the goal of:

  • Giving you a better understanding of what it's like to live with dementia
  • Make working with people affected by dementia more rewarding for yourself and them.

This Activities and Occupation course will provide an understanding of:

  • The importance of providing activities for people with dementia
  • How to provide appropriate kinds of activities
  • The importance of care planning and the review process
  • The value of reminiscence through activity

This course is endorsed by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA).

Key Facts

  • 100% Online Course - Complete your course quickly and easily online, no need to visit a classroom.
  • Same Day Certificate - Upon completion your certificate will be sent to you.
  • Learn at your own pace - We keep a record of how far you've progressed with your course, so you can complete it whenever you prefer.

Course Features

  • Adaptics - Kineo's unique approach to refresher training
  • professional audio
  • animation and interactivity
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility
  • mobile compatibility
  • formative assessments


Once successfully completed, learners will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for the online Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation course. Certificates are issued by Training Unlimited Pty Ltd (RTO ID 20891).

PLEASE BE AWARE Students are NOT completing a nationally recognised unit of competency. Students will NOT receive a Statement of Attainment after completing this course.

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The cost for this Understanding Dementia 4 - Activities and Occupation online course is $49.

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