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Everyone has a right not to be bullied or harassed at work. There are national anti-bullying laws and state or territory health and safety bodies that can help people with bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Workplace bullying can be defined as repeated unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person, or group, that jeopardises workplace health and safety.

Bullying and harassment are a significant problem in today’s workforce. A recent New South Wales study estimated that one in six people are bullied at work. Bullying can have a serious impact on the health and morale of workers and adversely affect the company as a whole.

Our interactive ‘Anti Bullying training online’ course is a great way for employees to gain an understanding of the implications of bullying and harassment in the workplace, how to spot inappropriate behaviour and what they should do if they come across it.

During this Anti Bullying training online, employees will learn about:

  1. The effects that bullying and harassment can have in the workplace.
  2. How to identify behaviour that would be considered as bullying and harassment.
  3. What they should do if they find themselves, or a colleague, being bullied or harassed at work.

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Once successfully completed, learners will be issued with a Bullying and Harassment for Employees course. Certificates are issued by Training Unlimited Pty Ltd (RTO ID 20891).

PLEASE BE AWARE - Students are NOT completing a nationally recognised unit of competency. Students will NOT receive a Statement of Attainment after completing this course.

Online Course FAQs

How do I get my Certificate?

Once you've successfully completed your course you'll need to fill out some information which is required by the Australian Government. We simply need a few bits of information about you and your USI number (more information here). Once we've got this information we will email your certificate to you.

What do I need to start learning?

Nothing! All you need is a computer or laptop. The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari are recommend.

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Our online courses enable you to gain the skills and certification you need anywhere - even in the comfort of your own home. Our course content and learning management system is industry-leading, enabling you to achieve best results first time.

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The cost for this Bullying and Harassment for Employees course is $49. 

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